Lucky Charms box math puzzle activity with a hand completing it

Lucky Charms Box Math Puzzle

Total time: 
15 Minutes

Looking to make math more magical? This easy-to-make craft promotes hands-on learning that is both simple and lots of fun for kids!

Materials needed for Lucky Charms box math puzzle activity


  • Lucky Charms Cereal Box
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Safety Scissors


Directions to make:

  1. Cut off the front of a Lucky Charms box.
  2. Use a ruler and marker to draw 3 columns on the box. Then add 8 rows. All boxes should be about the same size.
  3. Number each box on in the left-hand column in ascending order. This will help you orient the puzzle when you’re setting it up.
  4. In each row, fill the first two boxes with age-appropriate math problems that equal the same answer. Now fill the third column out with the answer. Cut out the pieces.
    The fourth step of the Lucky Charms box maths puzzle, a pen and scissors also lay about.

How to use:

  1. Mix all the pieces with the numbers facing up.
  2. Challenge your kids to reassemble the box by solving the math problems on the back.
  3. When they are done, they can check their work by flipping over all the pieces and seeing if the Lucky Charms box pieces are assembled in the right order.


  • To make the puzzle easier, just draw two columns. To make it harder, add more.
  • Store in a sandwich bag or tupperware container to save for further practice.