White t-shirt with green footprints across the shirt diagonally.

Lucky Was Here

It’s almost impossible to actually catch Lucky, but sometimes he leaves clues that he’s been there, creating mischief. With some green food dye or washable (REPEAT: Wash. A. Ble.) paint, you can create some evidence that will amaze the kids. (Don’t forget to film their reactions!)

Here are some ideas:

– Create Little green footprints all over the house (floors, walls…ceiling?!)
– Turn A white shirt in their drawer green
– Dress their Stuffed animals in your kids’ clothes
– Make The toilet water is green
– Move or stack your kids’ toys in a tower or set them up in fun scenes
– Leave little green handprints on Letters to Lucky!

LC SPD Activity Lucky Was Here Shirt


  • T-Shirt
  • Green Food Dye or Washable Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper
  • Scissors


  1. Use paint to create footprints and other evidence of Lucky