Four math's worksheets scattered about, all completed.

Marshmallow Magic Math Worksheets

Prep time: 
5 Minutes
Total time: 
15 Minutes
Printable Math Pages

Lucky the Leprechaun is full of surprises! Use these Marshmallow Magic Math Worksheets to teach your little leprechauns all sorts of new math skills.

A single sheet of the Lucky Charms maths activity with a bowl of Lucky Charms beside it.


  • Lucky Charms Marshmallow Magic Math Worksheets
  • Lucky Charms
  • Pencil


  1. Print out the Lucky Charms Marshmallow Magic Math Worksheets from link above.
  2. Pour some Lucky Charms in a bowl. Sort through them first to make sure there is between 1 to 10 of each kind of marshmallow.
  3. Help your child follow the directions on each page to sort, collect data, practice addition, and graph the charms.
    Lucky Charms maths activity completed
  4. After all their hard work, enjoy all the marshmallows they used for counting!