Paper trees painted green with Lucky Charms glued to them as frippery.

Lucky Charms Cereal Box Christmas Tree

  • Prep time:  35 Minutes
  • Ages: 6-10

It’s the most magically delicious time of the year! Celebrate the holiday season with these Lucky Charms Cereal Box Christmas Trees. They make super cute decorations and are a lot of fun to make with your children. (We promise not to tell if a few marshmallows go “missing” as you decorate.)

The materials needed for the Lucky Charms cereal box Christmas tree activity


  • Lucky Charms Cereal Box
  • A Bowl of Lucky Charms Marshmallows
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Paint Brush
  • Green Paint
  • Safety Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun (or regular glue)
  • A Marker


  1. Open up the cereal box and cut out the front and back panels. (Smaller kids may need some help with this.)
  2. Use the ruler to measure and mark the midpoint of one side of the long edge of the box. Measure from the corner to the midpoint. Divide that distance in half and make a mark on the other side of the box that is the same distance from each corner.
  3. Use your ruler to connect the marks and make two triangles.
  4. Add a line from the point of a triangle halfway down the tree. This identifies where the slit will be for putting the tree together.
  5. Draw another line from the midpoint of the second triangle halfway up. You’ll make a slit here to connect the tree pieces together.Step 5 of the cereal box Christmas trees with a pen, scissors and ruler resting upon the cardboard.
  6. Cut on both sides of the slit marks to make the opening a little thicker.
  7. Slide the two triangles together to make your tree! Add a drop of hot glue where the pieces connect to make them sturdier.
  8. Paint the tree green (or whatever magical colors you’d like).A paper tree in the midst of being painted
  9. Let the paint dry.
  10. Glue the magical marshmallows on as ornaments and place the shooting star on top!


  • Experiment with different tree shapes; add some more branches, make them tall and skinny or short and cute. Make your own unique little forest of fun!
  • Add some more sparkle with glitter, poms, fairy lights, or other arts and craft supplies to help it dazzle even more.