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Lucky Is Chased to Space!

Lucky's Favorites

Lucky Charms Board Game by Candy Land

Play the New Lucky's CharmWorld by Candy Land

This fresh take on the classic children’s game leads your family on an epic chase through Lucky’s enchanted world. Play as those sneaky kids always trying to catch Lucky the Leprechaun as you explore the Hearty Pines, the Clover Field, Rainbow Ridge, and more! Who will be the first to reach Lucky’s pot of magical charms and win?

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New Galactic Lucky Charms

New Galactic Lucky Charms Are Out of This World

Three new charms have landed in Limited-Edition Galactic Lucky Charms. Now you enjoy planets with the power to duplicate and rockets that help Lucky race through space. They’re galactically delicious!

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Family Activities

Lucky's Origami NASA Rocket

Have your family hop on board with Lucky as he shoots into space! Inspired by NASA’s Space Launch System rocket (launching soon), this origami rocket transforms from a simple sheet of paper into an out-of-this-world fun family project!

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Marshmallow Magic Constellations

These yummy Marshmallow Magic Constellations are the perfect way to help teach your kids about the cosmos!

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DIY Galactic Donuts with Lucky Charms

Do your kids go crazy for the cosmos? Then launch them into the day with a planetary pastry that’s a blast for the whole family.

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Chocolate Lucky Charms™ Breakfast Rolls

These chocolate chip cinnamon rolls are topped with cream cheese icing and Chocolate Lucky Charms™ cereal, bursting with chocolate flavor and crunch!

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No-Bake Lucky Charms™ Honey Clovers Cereal Bars

Enjoy the magic of Honey Clovers wherever you journey with this easy-to-make, no-bake cereal bar. A fun and colorful treat for on the go!

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Fruity Lucky Charms™ Frozen Yogurt Bark

A refreshing snack for any hot day! This creamy and fun frozen treat mixes vanilla yogurt, Fruity Lucky Charms™ cereal and strawberries. Could it get any more simple?

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