A colorful homemade leprechaun trap sitting on table surrounded by paper treesA colorful homemade leprechaun trap sitting on table surrounded by paper trees

How to Catch a Leprechaun

There is no easy way to capture a leprechaun. Known for their quick feet, fast thinking, and ludicrous magic, they’ll always find a way to slip the net! That’s why we’ve constructed the best way to capture one of these slippery creatures: our Lucky Charms leprechaun traps!

Pieces of Lucky Charms marshmallows sitting on colorful steps of a homemade leprechaun trap

Why Catch a Leprechaun?

Catching a leprechaun can lead to untold riches from the large pots of gold they protect. Not only this but you may get the chance to witness some of the leprechaun’s impressive magic at work. Just make sure not to take your eyes off of them, as one slip-up could mean the critter slips away!

Entrance of a homemade leprechaun trap with a magic ahead sign beside it.

Leprechaun Trap Ideas

There are many different types of traps to build, each with its own charm and magic for luring leprechauns, but don’t forget the secret ingredient: Lucky Charms! Our traps range in difficulty but we promise that each and every one can catch leprechauns and keep them there.

5 Minute Box Trap

Starting out with the easiest leprechaun trap to make, our 5 Minute Box Trap is directly related to a mouse trap, except we’ve replaced the cheese with Lucky Charms. This trap only requires 5 supplies and takes just 5 minutes to make, so if you’re in a rush and need to capture a leprechaun quickly, this is the trap for you! Beware, though – a leprechaun won’t fall for the same trick twice!

Bug Catcher Trap

Although not as easy as the 5 Minute Box Trap, the Bug Catcher Trap is still quick to set up and will give you a view of your captured leprechaun. This trap requires a bug catcher of your own that you’ll transform into the perfect lure for an unsuspecting leprechaun. A 20-minute activity, this trap is a great choice for more active kids as the bug catcher makes it great for carrying around to show off your new leprechaun!

Drop Trap

A step up in difficulty, the Drop Trap takes time to set up but will catch even the most wary of leprechauns under its cup. With a gold pot of Lucky Charms lying out, leprechauns will be clambering over each other to get at the treasure and won’t see the cup dropping on them until it's too late!

Book to Life Trap

For the Book to Life Trap, you’ll need our book, the Magic Inside, and a lot of Lucky Charms as bait. This trap uses the book as both bait and the trap, so you’ll need to open the book to a page you think will intrigue the leprechaun. Using Lucky Charms as a path toward the book, the combination of these two baits should result in a perfect capture of an unsuspecting little leprechaun!