Lucky Charms marshmallow pieces on a red backgroundLucky Charms marshmallow pieces on a red background

How to Get Good Luck

Luck is always on Lucky’s side with his magic and charms! However, Lucky also knows plenty of other ways to improve your luck through good luck charms and symbols. So, even if you can’t use magic (don’t worry, not many of us can!), you can still generate good luck through Lucky the leprechaun’s tips and tricks on how to be lucky.

Rows of Lucky Charms marshmallow pieces on a white background

Lucky Symbols and Charms

To feel like Lucky, all you need to do is pick a lucky item, whether it’s a common lucky item like a horseshoe or it could be a personal belonging that you believe gives you good luck. Whatever the item, you just need to believe in it; like Lucky believes in his magic, you need to believe in the magic of your item.


As mentioned, a horseshoe is considered lucky by many cultures and works as a talisman to ward off evil spirits. So, by using this you can be rid of the bad vibes from your life and focus on the good! Pair a horseshoe with a positive mental attitude, and you’ll be unstoppable in life. Take it from Lucky himself: one of the seven charms that he takes along with him is a horseshoe. For Lucky, it gives him the power of super speed!

The Number 7

Why do you think people are naturally interested in the number 7? It isn’t just a random number, no, the number 7 has been used many times to symbolize hope and luck. As humans, we’ve always been fascinated by 7, through the religious symbolism as well as its mathematical significance. Lucky uses it to enhance his magic, so you can use it to increase your luck!

A Clover

Another of Lucky’s favorite symbols, a clover is normally only considered lucky if it has the notorious 4 leaves. There is a 1 in 5000 chance of a 4-leaf clover appearing among other clovers, so its luckiness stands for itself. If found, it should be cherished, held, and used to improve your luck. If you’d like to embrace the full luck o’ the Irish, then you can consider any clover (or shamrock) a lucky find! Either way, a clover will help to increase your luck no matter what.

Rabbit’s Foot

Although not one of Lucky’s favorite charms, a rabbit’s foot has been considered a symbol of luck for generations and across multiple cultures for different reasons. An easy item to keep in your pocket, you only need to rub the rabbit’s foot during decisions to receive better luck!

Blue Moons

Another of Lucky’s charms, a blue moon has long stood as a symbol of divinity and clarity for those who see it. Sadly, you can’t force a moon to be blue, so this will come along by chance, but when seen will give you the clarity and luck to make good decisions. For Lucky, it gives him the power of invisibility!

A pile of Lucky Charms green clover marshmallow pieces

Lucky’s Charms

The rest of the Lucky Charms symbols are not exactly lucky symbols but they could become yours if you choose them to be! What they definitely do is give Lucky different powers: the red balloon lets him float; the heart gives life to objects; the unicorn gives color to the world; the rainbow charms the power to teleport; and the star charms the power of flight.

Whatever charm or symbol you decide to give you good luck, remember to believe in its power to support and guide you, just as Lucky trusts his charms to give him power!