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Try new Lucky Charms Magic Gems!

Lucky Charms got a glow up this summer with a new charm: the Magic Gem! Watch for it to magically appear in grocery stores nationwide.

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Lucky's Favorites

Luck charms -Limited-edition Lucky Charms Magic Gems

Lucky Charms is Glowing Up!

Limited-edition Lucky Charms Magic Gems are here! Our newest marshmallow is helping Lucky see in the dark and magically appearing soon in a grocery store near you.

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Family Activities Great for Just Magical Marshmallows

Marshmallow Muffin Tin Math

Looking for a way to make learning more fun? With Marshmallow Muffin Tin Math activities, your future mathematician will be asking to practice all the time. This heads-on learning activity is delicious and easy to set up.

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Marshmallow Magic Math Worksheets

Lucky the Leprechaun is full of surprises! Use these Marshmallow Magic Math Worksheets to teach your little leprechauns all sorts of new math skills.

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Lucky’s Sight Word Pot of Gold

Looking to boost your child’s reading comprehension? Make it a game! Have your child help Lucky find his magical charms and return them to his pot of gold with this fun and easy craft idea.

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Just Magical Marshmallow Recipes

Lucky Charms™ Leprechaun Rainbow Layer Cake

This stunning and magical cake is sure to delight the little leprechauns in your life. Slice into it to reveal a hidden surprise: a center bursting with Lucky Charms™ marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles and more!

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Rainbow Lucky Charms™ Frosted Cookie Bars

Almost too pretty to eat! This sugar cookie bar with Lucky Charms™ cereal and candy sprinkles is just as cute as it is magical.

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Magically Delicious Lucky Charms™ Cereal Cookies

An easy way to make any day magically delicious! All you’ll need is sugar cookie mix, Lucky Charms™ Honey Clovers cereal, white vanilla baking chips and candy sprinkles for this fun and colorful cookie.

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