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Lucky the Leprechaun racing along a rainbow towards a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal
Lucky the Leprechaun racing along a rainbow towards a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal

It’s Magically Delicious!

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Lucky's Favorites

Lucky Charms charm inn family trap game.

Leprechaun trapping season is here and we’re ready to kick if off with some seriously fun trap ideas for you and your family. Pick a trap you love and follow the instructions (or get creative and make it your own!) and watch to see if you can catch a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day season.

Build Your Own Trap!
Box of Lucky Charms S'mores sitting in front of a blue and sparkled background

Lucky Charms S'mores is Here!

Get cozy this winter with the delicious taste of marshmallows, chocolate and graham cracker in our NEW Lucky Charms S’more’s cereal. This new cereal is the perfect way to start your morning and a great ingredient for your holiday baking!

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Just Magical Marshmallow Recipes

Lucky Charms™ Leprechaun Rainbow Layer Cake

This stunning and magical cake is sure to delight the little leprechauns in your life. Slice into it to reveal a hidden surprise: a center bursting with Lucky Charms™ marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles and more!

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Rainbow Lucky Charms™ Frosted Cookie Bars

Almost too pretty to eat! This sugar cookie bar with Lucky Charms™ cereal and candy sprinkles is just as cute as it is magical.

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Magically Delicious Lucky Charms™ Cereal Cookies

An easy way to make any day magically delicious! All you’ll need is sugar cookie mix, Lucky Charms™ Honey Clovers cereal, white vanilla baking chips and candy sprinkles for this fun and colorful cookie.

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