Colorful craft supplies lying on a table, including glitter pens, pots of paint, colored paper and pencils.Colorful craft supplies lying on a table, including glitter pens, pots of paint, colored paper and pencils.

Easy Crafts for Kids to Do at Home

Preparing a few easy crafts for kids at home means that you’re always ready when a rainy afternoon rolls around. Not only is crafting an activity that opens up the magic of imagination, but your kids will have something to treasure at the end!

Choosing Your Craft Essentials

A well-stocked crafting kit is a must when you have kids at home. You only need a few basic bits and pieces to get started – here’s our guide to the must-haves.

A Lucky Charms cereal box on a table with craft supplies beside it, including scissors, thread, a glue gun and beads.

Kid-Friendly Scissors and Glue

Lots of crafting projects need some sort of cutting out and sticking together, so choosing some safety scissors with a blunt end is a great first step. You’ll also want to pick up a classic white kids’ glue to avoid any sticky situations.

Pens, Pencils and Paints

A big stash of colored pens and pencils should be a staple in any kids’ craft kit. Tuck in a few printed coloring sheets too, for days when you need an instant activity. Paint is also a must – we recommend water-based brands that will be easy to clean up.

Paper and Card

A nice range of colored paper and card is also a must for any craft stash. Look out for packs when you’re at the store and be sure to save any fun cereal boxes, magazines, or pictures you come across for collages.

Creating a Crafting Set-Up

There are a few other things it’s great to have on hand if you’ve got some keen crafters at home. Pick up a few of these handy extras and make it even easier to get crafting.

A green glue gun to put green beads on bits of a Lucky Charms cereal box.

A Crafting Apron

Setting down to craft can be just as much fun as whipping up a few tasty recipes – and just as potentially messy. Invest in an apron that’s just for crafting, and you won’t have to worry about sticky fingers or stray splashes of paint. An old t-shirt or oversized shirt can also do the job nicely.

Tablecloths or Toppers

When you’ve got some messy crafts in mind, there’s nothing better to protect your tabletops or counters than a vinyl tablecloth or topper. Simply lay it down before you open your paint pots or get out your glue!

A Crafting Box

Once you’ve gathered together all the things that make your own perfect craft kit, it makes sense to find some storage to keep it all in. If you’ve got a lot of paints, glues or glitter sticks, it’s a good idea to use a smaller sealable container to help them last as long as possible.

Get Started with Cereal Box Crafts

One of our favorite ways to craft is to make use of the boxes and packages already in the house. With a little imagination and a touch of magic, cereal boxes can be transformed into all sorts of wonderful things.

A Lucky Charms cereal box opened to be used as a placemat with a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and a glass of orange juice on it.

Cereal Box Placemat

This is a quick and easy crafting activity that lets your kids make something they can use every day – their very own Cereal Box Placemat. All you need is an empty Lucky Charms cereal box, scissors and packing tape.

Lucky Charms Magical Cereal Box Puzzle

Why buy a puzzle when you can make your own? With just a marker, a pair of scissors, an empty cereal box and a little imagination, you can create your own Lucky Charms Magical Cereal Box Puzzle in no time.

Lucky Charms Leprechaun Traps

Our cereal boxes are the perfect base for making your very own leprechaun trap! From the exciting Clover Castle Trap to the simple yet effective Coloring Trap, there are cereal box crafts to suit all ages. Don’t forget to share your traps with us when you’re done!