A child holding a jigsaw puzzle piece with many more puzzle pieces put together and scattered round a table.A child holding a jigsaw puzzle piece with many more puzzle pieces put together and scattered round a table.

Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Add some magic to your day with fun activities at home for kids! We’ve got lots of great ideas for keeping the kids entertained without leaving the house – perfect for sunny mornings, rainy afternoons and everything in between.

Indoor Games to Keep Kids Entertained

A good indoor game is just what you need when the kids are home with energy to burn. Here are just a few of our best-loved indoor activities.

A Lucky Charms board game with one of the pieces upturned in a barrel and Lucky caught beneath a cage.

Pots of Gold Marshmallow Pong

Why not play Marshmallow Pong? You can put it together with just a few simple household items – including your favorite Lucky Charms Cereal! The aim of the game is to launch Magical Marshmallows into your cups and the winner gets to eat them all (or share them with the team!).

Play Land, Sea and Air

The perfect game when you’re stuck indoors with bored children! All you need is some tape (or a scarf) to mark one part of the ground as land and another part as sea. Call out directions and kids need to get into the right space as quickly as possible. When you say air, your kids need to jump as high as they can!

Pick out Some Puzzles

The great thing about jigsaw puzzles is that they can be a solo activity, as well as one for the whole family to enjoy together. Make sure you have some puzzles put aside for a rainy day, or why not make your own? Our Magical Cereal Box Puzzle is a fun craft activity and game all in one.

Craft Activities for Kids

There’s no better way to keep kids amused than by giving them the chance to get crafty. Pick out a few fun projects and get started.

A Lucky Charms cereal box decorated with LED lights with "The Magic Inside" book behind it and a Lucky plush toy beside it.

Make a Cereal Box Night Light

This is a great craft for winding down at the end of the day. All you need is an empty cereal box, a push pin and a flashlight or electronic candle. Use the pin to puncture holes either by following the design on the box or making your own, then light up from behind for a unique night light.

Craft Lucky’s Origami NASA Rocket

Send their imaginations shooting into outer space along with Lucky, with this simple paper-folding craft. All you need to do is download Lucky’s Rocket template, grab some coloring pencils and a pair of scissors, and get ready to go!

Make Your Own Leprechaun Traps

We’ve got some seriously fun ideas for making your very own leprechaun trap! Try out our Drop Trap, create your own rainbow path for the Bug Trap or shoot for the moon with our Blue Moon Observatory Trap. Let your kids go wild with their decorations and be sure to share your traps on our Instagram page.

Outdoor Activities for Kids at Home

Turn your outdoor space into something special with yard activities the kids will love. Stretch their legs and awaken their imaginations with a few of our favorite ways to have fun outdoors!

Four kids lying down in a row on some grass pointed away from the camera with their legs up in the air on a sunny day.

Red Light, Green Light

Perfect for groups of two and up, this simple game is a reliable way to get everyone involved. Pick one person as the traffic light and have them stand at one end of the garden. When they turn away and say “green light”, everyone can run towards them, when they turn back and say “red light”, everyone needs to freeze. Anyone spotted moving needs to go back to the starting point, and the first person to reach the traffic light is the winner.

Rainbow Hunt

Have your little ones find their own rainbow. Ask them to find a garden item to correspond with each color of the rainbow, whether those are leaves, petals or outdoor toys. Once they’ve collected a whole rainbow, reward them with a treat like our yummy Lucky Charms Cereal Bar Cutouts.

Lucky Says

Try our spin on Simon Says, where Lucky calls the shots! One person gets to be in charge and make requests by saying, “Lucky says touch your toes/jump on one foot/spin around/etc.” Everyone needs to follow the instructions until the time Lucky makes a request without saying, “Lucky says” first – anyone who follows that instruction is out!