A collection of three and four leaf clovers scattered about with space between each clover so that the white background can still be seen.A collection of three and four leaf clovers scattered about with space between each clover so that the white background can still be seen.

Things to Do with Kids on St. Patrick’s Day

Get into the spirit of St Patrick’s Day with some fun activities for kids. From easy crafts and games to tasty recipes, there are lots of magical ways to celebrate with a little help from Lucky Charms!

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Crafting with kids is a great way to not only keep them amused but also help them learn new things and have something to cherish at the end. We’ve rounded up our favorite St. Patrick’s Day children’s crafts to try this year!



A Lucky Charms cereal box cut up, with scissors and a plate with paint and a paintbrush on top of it.

Make a Good Luck Charm Necklace

Help your little ones carry some luck with them wherever they go with our colorful Good Luck Charm Necklace. Cut out a few of Lucky’s charms from your cereal box, choose some beads in your favorite colors and start building your very own jewelry. Add a dash of magic with some paint and other decorations to bring your necklace to life.

Cut-out Paper Leprechaun Hats

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to dress up! Make your very own Lucky the Leprechaun hat with some green card, glue and imagination. Simply cut out your hats and add some detail with coloring pens, pencils or crayons. Why not use our Leprechaun Hat Trap for inspiration?

Build a Leprechaun Trap

Speaking of leprechaun traps, there’s no better time of year to build your own trap than St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve got loads of ideas to try, from our speedy 5 Minute Box Trap and Tunnel Trap to more advanced creations like our Board Game Trap and Book to Life Trap. Don’t forget to share your traps with us on Instagram!

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Looking for more things to do on St. Patrick’s Day? Add a little magic to your day with these fun-filled activities, perfect for children of all ages.

A painting of a 4 leaf clover with stars, pens, pencils, brushes and three labelled signs around the painting relating to luck.

Host a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts take hide and seek to the next level! Hide pots of gold around the house and write up some clues to help your little ones find them. If the weather is nice, try hosting the search in the garden instead. Why not play a game of Marshmallow Pong with your pots of gold once you’ve found them?

Play Dress-Up

Put those DIY leprechaun hats to good use with a St. Paddy’s Day costume competition. See who can put together the best outfit with a prize up for grabs for the winner (but we recommend a reward for everyone taking part). Be sure to share your snaps on Instagram and tag @luckycharms!

Watch a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

If there’s a St. Patrick’s Day parade happening near you, then be sure to head on down. Expect costumes, floats, songs and plenty of activities to keep the kids amused and celebrate in style! Why not host a costume competition before you leave and go to the parade dressed up, too?

St. Patrick’s Day Food for Kids

Invite some magic into your kitchen by making some fun St. Patrick’s Day recipes together. We’ve got loads of delicious snacks to choose from, perfect if you’re looking for party food snacks, desserts or just a little treat!

A table of frozen yogurt bark broken up into irregular pieces, each piece decorated with Lucky Charms, rainbow sweets and sprinkles.

Lucky Charms™ Leprechaun Snack Mix

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without our Leprechaun Snack Mix! Combining Original Lucky Charms with Rice Chex cereal, simply coat with vanilla, top with rainbow candy sprinkles and toss with marshmallows for the ultimate St. Paddy’s Day treat.

Lucky Charms™ Rainbow Bark

With only three ingredients, creating our Rainbow Bark couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is pour melted vanilla baking chips onto a lined cookie sheet and top with your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallows and candy sprinkles. Pop in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, then enjoy!

Chocolate Lucky Charms™ Cereal Shakes

Quick and delicious, start St. Patrick’s Day with our Chocolate Cereal Shakes. Simply blend one cup of Chocolate Lucky Charms cereal with milk, banana, peanut butter and chocolate-flavored syrup for an irresistible treat!